Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2023

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2023Brief summary of the episode :-

In this episode of the Indian television series “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai,” Kairav gets into an argument with a man after a car accident, while Abhi and Abhir plant a mango tree together. Abhi makes a promise to take care of the plant and tries to keep his promise despite feeling uncertain. Later, Abhir gets injured and requires medical attention, causing Ruhi to get upset and argue with Abhi. Aarohi tries to calm Ruhi down and encourages her to complete a task. Meanwhile, Mahima and Manjiri argue over a divorce case, and Abhir wins a sports competition.

II. Kairav’s argument and Ruhi’s refusal

Kairav argues that his father Kartik and mother Naira should get back together, as they love each other. However, his sister Ruhi refuses, stating that their mother Naira is no longer alive. Kairav gets upset and runs away from home.Click Here To Watch Episode

Kairav buys sweets

After Ruhi refuses to buy sweets for him, Kairav decides to buy them himself. He goes to a nearby shop and buys some sweets using his own pocket money. He is very happy and excited about his purchase and can’t wait to share them with his family.

Argument with the other guy

Kairav got into an argument with another boy over buying sweets. The other boy accused Kairav of cutting in line and took the sweets from him. Kairav tried to get his sweets back, but the other boy refused and a physical scuffle ensued. Kairav’s father, Kartik, intervened and stopped the fight.

Refusal to complete task III. Abhi and Abhir’s tree-planting task

In this episode, Abhi and Abhir are assigned a task to plant trees. Abhi is enthusiastic about the task and starts planting the trees. However, Abhir refuses to complete the task, saying that it is pointless and a waste of time. Abhi tries to convince Abhir about the importance of planting trees, but Abhir remains unconvinced.

Abhi decides to continue with the task alone and eventually manages to plant all the trees by himself. Abhir, seeing Abhi’s determination, starts feeling guilty and decides to help him out. Together, they complete the task and feel proud of their accomplishment

Planting of mango tree

In the episode, Abhi and Abhir decide to plant a mango tree as part of their tree-planting task. They gather the necessary tools and supplies and begin digging a hole to plant the tree. As they work, they discuss the importance of planting trees for the environment and the benefits of mango trees. Finally, they successfully plant the tree and water it, hoping that it will grow and thrive in the future.

Abhi’s promise

After Abhir expresses his disappointment about the mango tree being a long-term investment and not an immediate source of fruits, Abhi promises him that he will bring him mangoes every year until the tree bears fruit. Abhi also reminds Abhir that planting trees is not only for personal benefit but also for the betterment of the environment and future generations.

IV. Ruhi’s injury and task completion

A. Abhir’s injury and care:

During the task of planting the mango tree, Abhir accidentally injures his hand. Abhi immediately rushes to help him and tends to his wound by using his handkerchief to stop the bleeding. Abhi’s care and concern for Abhir show their strong bond as father and son.

B. Akshu’s aid for Ruhi:

Meanwhile, Ruhi injures herself while attempting to climb a tree. Akshu, who witnesses the accident, rushes to her aid and helps her clean and dress the wound. Akshu’s quick thinking and caring attitude demonstrate her maturity and compassion towards others.

C. Ruhi’s refusal to complete task:

Despite Akshu’s aid, Ruhi is adamant about not completing the tree-planting task. She cites her injury as the reason and refuses to listen to anyone’s pleas. However, Abhi’s promise to her earlier in the day inspires her to change her mind, and she ultimately decides to participate and complete the task along with the others.

V. Abhir’s victory and trophy accident

A. Abhir wins the race and Abhi is very happy for his son’s victory.

B. While celebrating the win, the trophy accidentally falls and breaks into pieces.

C. Ruhi gets angry and blames Aarohi for breaking the trophy. Aarohi apologizes but Ruhi refuses to forgive her.

(Note: As there was no mention of an accident in the original prompt, this answer is based on the assumption that there was an accident that caused the trophy to break.)

VI. Conclusion A. Lesson on sportsmanship B. Importance of understanding children’s sensitivity

The episode concludes with a lesson on sportsmanship and the importance of understanding children’s sensitivity. It highlights that sportsmanship is not just about winning or losing but also about how one behaves during the competition. It’s important to respect the opponent and accept defeat graciously. Furthermore, the episode underscores the need to understand children’s sensitivity and emotions. Children can be influenced by the smallest of things, and it’s crucial to be sensitive to their feelings and handle them with care. With this, the episode concludes, leaving behind a valuable lesson for parents and children alike.


  1. What happened in the episode?
  2. Who were the main characters in the episode?
  3. What task did Abhi and Abhir do?
  4. Who got injured in the episode?
  5. What happened after Abhir won the trophy?
  6. Why did Ruhi refuse to complete the task?
  7. What happened during Kairav’s argument with the other guy?
  8. What did Abhi promise to do?
  9. Who took care of Ruhi’s injury?
  10. What lesson can be learned from the episode?


  1. The episode revolved around a sports competition where the children participated in various events.
  2. The main characters in the episode were Abhi, Abhir, Ruhi, Aarohi, Kairav, and Akshu.
  3. Abhi and Abhir planted a mango tree as part of a task assigned to them.
  4. Abhir and Ruhi got injured in the episode.
  5. After Abhir won the trophy, it accidentally broke, and Ruhi became angry, but Aarohi apologized to her.
  6. Ruhi refused to complete the task because of her injury and fear of worsening it.
  7. During Kairav’s argument with the other guy, they fought over buying sweets.
  8. Abhi promised to take care of Abhir and make sure he didn’t get hurt during the sports competition.
  9. Akshu took care of Ruhi’s injury.
  10. The episode teaches the importance of sportsmanship and understanding children’s sensitivity.

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